Preventive Medicine

Whatever your horse does, whether a competitive athlete, a ‘weekend warrior’, a retiree or loved family pet, we believe that he deserves the best we can offer to help keep him healthy, comfortable and happy. Our approach to wellness includes general husbandry and nutritional counseling, vaccination and de-worming and dental care.

Vaccination and de-worming guidelines are posted below, as is a link to a (more accurate) means of estimating your horse’s weight, along with our most current newsletter.

Equine Dentistry is an area of practice that is often under-appreciated. Without a functional bit seat and well-maintained molar table no equine athlete can comfortably respond to the bridle, and the alterations in head carriage caused by sharp points or mal-occlusions can make them ‘ring sour’, sore-backed and generally unhappy. Older horses are often found to be in need of corrective equilibration that allows them to comfortably and efficiently chew and digest their feed. Our veterinarians use state-of-the-art motorized instruments to maintain proper occlusion and to create and maintain a comfortable bit seat for the equine athlete. An example of what is accomplished in a routine dental equilibration can be seen below

Coggins Tests & Health Certificates

A Sample Rotational De-Worming Program

Spring Vaccines